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Breaking Bad Emotional Habits

All of us feel “bad” sometimes. Sad, angry, scared, anxious, irritated, and the list goes on. And while for the most part feelings like this are normal even on a daily basis, the trouble begins when the negative outweighs the positive.
Do you find yourself reacting negatively more often than not? Is every delay a source of irritation?  Do people just make you angry? Your spouse, your kids, your co-workers? Maybe even your friends? This is a sign that you’ve developed some chronic, negative emotional responses.
In other words, you have some bad emotional habits.
The good news? We can break those bad habits.
First off, let me clarify: emotions are not “bad”, even if they don’t feel good. Labeling the way we feel as good or bad can make us feel worse. How? When we say an emotion is bad, we can begin a stress cycle of feeling “bad”, telling ourselves it’s bad to feel “bad”, which makes us feel worse, which leads to more negative labeling and so on.
Second, the reason we’re responding wit…