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I Don't Want To Feel This Way Anymore

The number one question I'm asked about emotions is “How can I stop feeling anxious/sad/angry/frustrated?”
The short answer, that nobody wants to hear, is you can’t. And if you try not to feel the so-called “bad” or “negative” emotions, you’re going to suffer even more over the long haul. By resisting our emotions we set ourselves up for depression and anxiety.
But WAIT! Don't leave! 
That’s not the whole story and it does NOT MEAN WE ARE DOOMED to feel bad all the time. It simply means “negative” emotions are unavoidable at some point. And if you are struggling with ongoing depression or anxiety you can feel better. Yes, you can.
Let’s get really real: You need to feel the uncomfortable emotions sometimes
Anger, fear, sadness, and frustration serve a purpose. These emotions are both signposts and warnings. They let us know something is wrong, either in our environment, in our thinking, or both. They help us make changes to protect ourselves or others, find solutions to prob…